When and Where are the classes?

Monday Adult Classes at Manby Lodge Infant School, Queens Road, 7-8pm

Tuesday Adult Classes at St James School, Grotto Road, Weybridge 6:30-7:45pm

Saturday Youth 16-25 classes 12-1:15pm  at Weybridge Scouts Hut, 20 Springfield Lane, KT13 8AW 

Private classes in my home studio in Weybridge

What kind of yoga is it?  

Vinyasa Flow. Expect a little sweat but mostly all-round building of strength flexibility and balance. You will almost definitely gain a sense of calm, there is usually a breathing  exercise (Pranayama) and a touch of yoga philosophy sprinkled in.


Batch of 5-8 classes can be paid on pre-arranged dates (works out £8/session) or drop-in fee £10/session

Youth Yoga student rate £8 or pay monthly which works out £5/session

Do I need to sign up or can I just turn up? 

An email or text in advance would be greatly appreciated, in case the class isn't on or is full

Where do I park?  

For St James park outside the school on the road. For Manby park inside the school carpark. 

What do I bring?  

If you have a yoga mat bring it, but there's a few spares available if you don't but let me know in advance. 


For maximum enjoyment of the class, best not to eat within 1.5-2 hours 

What's Vinyasa vs Hatha yoga? 

When yoga first started (estimated 2300 years ago) there were no physical poses as we know them today, other than sitting for meditation.. Hatha yoga was the first classical tradition that included various poses, or 'asanas' (most noteably around 15th century), but still as a means of enabling better meditation and spiritual growth.  So all modern styles of physical yoga (eg. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar) have grown from, and fit under, the Hatha Yoga methodology, though sometimes you might see Hatha listed as a style in itself, representing a slow, gentle style of yoga practice. Vinyasa is a type of physical yoga with a flow from one pose into another. 

What if I'm a complete beginner? 

All beginners are welcome, AND you also qualify for a 1/2 price one-to-one before you drop in to the group, which can give you a great foundation.  Yoga is very much about the breath, it's not about getting your foot behind your ear.  You might often hear "if you can breath, you can do yoga"!

What if I have an injury? 

The general rule is, if you have sharp pain don't battle through it - your body is telling you loud and clear to get the hell out of whatever position you've put it in.   Many people practice yoga with all sorts of past injuries, shoulder and knee being most common. Often yoga is part of their rehab. Yoga teachers aren't qualified to provide a diagnosis, but I can certainly suggest to you what poses to avoid, or how to modify them, assuming you do have a proper diagnosis.  If you are concerned or recovering from an op, get the OK from your specialist, and seriously consider a one-to-one so we can work out the best variations for you.

Is yoga a form of religion?

No. It is open to people of all faiths as well as atheists. It has always however been a spiritual practice, though today it can be practiced purely as a physical exercise, and no one will ever tap you on the shoulder and ask if your quest is for Enlightenment.  It certainly helps if you believe in some God or 'ultimate reality' or just 'something bigger' but you don't have to.  It has strong Buddhist influences (moreso than Hindu as research recently found) and is centred around the idea of understanding why we struggle, and cultivating contentment by expanding our awareness of Self and the world we live in. All you need is an open mind and you are encouraged to experience and adopt whatever works for you rather than believing anything blindly. 

So at a minimum it'll make you stronger, more balanced and more flexible on the mat, and it's totally up to you how many layers of life philosophy you want to unpeal.


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